Class Testimonials

I can’t praise this woman enough. Sinead is my dancing angel. I have been going to Sineads classes for the past two years and I could not be happier when I’m there. It’s the highlight of my week. Sinead has an amazing way that she makes everyone in the class feel unbelievably welcome. I have gained so much from going to her classes. My Confidence and inner strength has gone threw the roof and the dancing is out of this world. I would recommend her classes and workshops to anyone. You make new friends and have a great laugh. She is superb and an inspiration to me!
— Elizabeth Kavanagh
I started by doing Bonnie Boux’s burlesque workshop and since then my confidence has come along massively as I am someone who suffers with anxiety and I never thought I would have enjoyed something so much as her dance classes/workshops. I would recommend it to anyone no matter what age she is an inspiration to women everywhere and has helped so many people.
— Amy Aherne
Bonnie, Sinead, Ned has helped my confidence immensely. I started her classes nervous and full sure I wasn’t for the world of burlesque but this past weekend I danced in her and her partners show and loved every second of it. She has a light that is so special and she is a beautiful soul. So get your dancing shoes on!
— Laura Delahunty
This girl will turn you into the confident woman you always imagined yourself to be . Not only is she gifted in dance and everything creative. She also possess a gift of the soul who’s energy spreads and becomes contagious she can see each individual for who they truly are and will help to bring out their true self by guiding them in the most natural and beautiful way. This lady is a gift to the female family from the universe. ladies after a few classes with this girl you will feel yourself Transformed from within . Plus get down and groveeeee
— Dee Dempsey
Just thought that I have to thank you for last nights class. Myself and my friend were chatting on the way home and I had a lightning bolt moment. I felt like for the very first time that I understood about good body image. Constantly being force fed by the media and our own demons keeps girls/ women in an eternal cycle of generally feeling not good enough. Looking around at the smiling confident faces of the tassel twirling brigade made me see that we are all wonderful, confident and empowered.
If I can use that mantra on myself from here on in I will be a happy lady....
— Lynn Tynan